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Your business is on the cusp of growth, and our team is here to keep you organized and on track to success. Take a look at some of our team members below and learn a bit more about what they do here at Anderson Administrative Solutions.

About Rena: Our Team



Rena (pronounced "Renee") is dedicated to a healthy work-life balance, and believes that everyone deserves this.  Her mission is to help small business owners, start-ups, and independent consultants achieve just that.  Through her years in the work force, she witnessed so many leaders around her that were amazing at their jobs, and passionate about their business, but were too busy to 'stop and smell the roses', take time for their families, and truly enjoy life.  Her hope is to change business at a time.  She fully understands that you only get out of your business what you put in, but sometimes you just can't do it all.  She is the help that you need.

With her extensive background in executive administrative assistance, paralegal, and real estate, along with her military experience in the IT and communications field, she has the expertise to bring value to your business, consulting with you to find the RIGHT platforms for YOUR business, assist in putting the processes and procedures in place to get it running smoothly and efficiently, and handling the back office area, so that you can do what you do best to spend the time growing your business.



Encore Woman - Small Business Association

Social Media Strategist - Career Academy


Ambassador for Zilis

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